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Compass Learning Odyssey

A smart path for each child’s unique journey of learning.

Students in primary grades are at a critical point in their education. They are establishing the foundations for future learning; developing their knowledge of language, computation, logic, and analysis; and forming an understanding of the natural world and society that surround them.

Odyssey solutions in Reading/Language Arts, Mathematics, Science, and Social Studies feature spiraled curricula that provide additional tools to help teach, guide, and clarify concepts for those who need it. Cross-curricular  learning solutions give students opportunities to use higher-order thinking skills.


  • Is aligned to state standards
  • Promotes exploration, cooperative learning, problem solving, reflection, and real-world connections — all while engaging students’ imaginations

Children’s brains work in a way that’s fascinating, flexible, and inspiring.  Odyssey is designed to expand those limitless possibilities for growth, knowledge, and curiosity.