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Other School Districts
Other School Districts In NC With 1:1 Laptop Programs

Rutherford County would not be the first school system in North Carolina to launch a 1:1 laptop initiative.  Two systems that have proven that these initiatives can indeed work are Mooresville Graded School District and Greene County Schools.

Mooresville Graded School District

One of the primary motivators as well as a model for RCS to aspire to has been Mooresville Graded School District, near Charlotte, NC.  Mooresville launched their 1:1 initiative a few years ago and has seen a tremendous difference in the quality of education throughout their system.  Several RCS employees have taken trips to visit Mooresville Schools in person to gain a better understanding of how a 1:1 digital learning environment can - and does - work.  The insight gained by looking at the Mooresville model has greatly shaped the implementation plan as RCS prepares for Going G.L.O.B.A.L.

Greene County Schools

Another rural school district in NC, Greene County Schools, has also launched a successful 1:1 laptop initiative.  Click below for a look at how going 1:1 is changing Greene County.