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Curriculum and Instruction

Rutherford County Schools' Curriculum & Instructional Services department provides strategic, systemic, and systematic support to ensure that all students are successful during and beyond their school careers. By building capacity, communicating effectively, evaluating data and research, leveraging resources wisely, and establishing effective continuous improvement processes, we actively support high quality teaching and learning that responds to the needs, interests, and abilities of our students and that deeply engages them in each dimension of the curriculum.  

Department Directory

Dr. David Sutton, Assistant Superintendent

Ms. Janice Baynard, Director of Federal Programs

Ms. Renee Collins, Director of Secondary Education

Dr. Charlie Freeman, Director of Career and Technical Education

Mr. Tom Griffin, Director of Exceptional Children Services

Mr. Steven Helton, Director of Elementary Education

Ms. Cindy Hogston, Director of Research and Accountability Services

Ms. Sonja Smith, Director of Instructional Technology