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Elementary Education

All ten of Rutherford County's Elementary Schools focus on the North Carolina Standard Course of Study (www.learnnc.org/scos). A balanced literacy framework incorporates a variety of strategies designed to motivate students and enhance achievement at every grade level. You will find that our schools are child-centered and that our teachers, administrators, and staff are committed to meeting the needs of our students-cognitively, physically, and emotionally.

Parents play a key role in ensuring student success. You can assist your child in developing important concepts through simple day-to-day activities. Here are some ideas for how to support school success:


Encourage your child to read every day.
Give your child books and magazines of interest as gifts.
Encourage your child to read a variety of books and magazines.
Talk with your child about what he / she reads.


Have your child explain his / her math to you.
Demonstrate how you use math.
Make shopping a "math game" by challenging your child to estimate the cost of what's in the cart.
Include discussions about patterns, fractions, etc. in everyday activities.


Encourage your child to write thank you notes.
Help your child find a pen pal that he / she can write to.
Encourage your child to keep a journal of their daily activities.
Encourage your child to use the computer at home or at the public library to send emails to friends.