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Instructional Technology

Rutherford County Schools will be led by 21st Century Professionals

Professional development is vital for building and sustaining a quality 21st century environment for the student in today’s society. The Rutherford County School system provides opportunities for administrators, faculty, and staff to develop technology skills aligned with ISTE-NETS. All professional development activities are designed to support our goals of advancing student achievement and preparing students for global surroundings. As technology continues to play an essential role in education, our district provides professional development for technology skills as well as the integration of technology into all areas of curriculum.

Each Instructional Technology Facilitator provides district wide professional development to maintain cohesive collaboration among all schools.  Providing distict wide professional development creates a collaborative partnership among teachers, and ensures that all students in Rutherford County Schools are successful in a global community.


 Sonja Smith

Director of Instructional Technology
County Office

 Tammie Pruette

Chase High School

 Molly Roberson 

Chase Middle School

 Kendra Greenlee

Forrest Hunt Elementary School
Harris Elementary School
Sunshine Elementary School
Carver Center Preschool

 Donna Hensley

East Rutherford High School
East Rutherford Middle School

 Tara Mauney

Ellenboro Elementary School
Forest City Dunbar Elementary School
Mt. Vernon Ruth Elementary School
Carver Center Preschool

 Grant Haynes 

RS Central High School

 George McCormick

RS Middle School

 Donna Ledford

Cliffside Elementary School
Pinnacle Elementary School
Spindale Elementary School
Rutherfordton Elementary School

 Steve Chappell

Rutherford Opportunity Center
Rutherford Early College High School