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RCS Recycling Program

We're new here!

The system-wide recycling program was implemented in the 2009-2010 academic year and has already proven to be a great success.  Over 79 tons of material has already been removed from the RCS waste stream and has been sent on its way to becoming new products such as newspaper, shipping boxes, carpeting and furniture.  To see the latest recycling updates at your school, visit the Recycling Statistics page.

Visit our photo album!
To see what is happening in the RCS Recycling program, visit our photo album.  There, you'll find the latest pictures showing you what's happening at RCS. 

Did you know...

 - 80% of the trash produced in the United States can be recycled or composted?
 - Recycling a ton of paper saves 7,000 gallons of water and 463 gallons of oil?
 - Recycling a ton of steel cans creates 86% less air pollution and 76% less water pollution than producing cans using virgin materials?
 - It only takes 10% of the energy  to make an aluminum can from recycled materials than it would to start from scratch.

Encourage Homework!

Homework is meant to reinforce the lessons taught at school.  You already encourage your student to do their homework, so keep the lessons going!  Show students that recycling is important by encouraging them to recycle at home.  You don't have a recycling program at your house yet?  Visit SweepRecycles.com to find out how to get started!

Why Recycle?

RCS administrators, staff and students are working together to conserve natural resources and manage their solid waste.  With 10,000 students and 1,000 employees, RCS can generate as much trash as a mid-sized town.  By recycling plastic bottles, mixed paper, cardboard, aluminum and steel cans, RCS is diverting tens of thousands of pounds of material from landfills, saving the schools money and teaching students to be good stewards of the earth's natural resources.

life lessons to encourage the growth of responsible citizens.

Many schools' recycling programs are run primarily by a class or environmental club.  These in-school recycling programs empower students to practice the principles they learn in the classroom.  Students are able to test their knowledge and skills while actively taking part in managing their resources and waste.  Students are challenged as they realize that communication is a must for effective recycling programs.

By beginning a
child's recycling education early, RCS is ensuring a future generation of responsible citizens.  We recognize that it is the moral duty of each Rutherford County citizen to conserve resources by recycling, no matter what age.  As our community strives to recycle more and throw away less, it is incumbent on RCS to practice what we teach by providing a means for our students and staff to recycle at school.

We care about the environment.

There are a finite number of resources on our planet which means we can't just use our materials once.  Instead of pretending there is an endless supply of resources, RCS recognizes the importance of recycling to create a more sustainable future. 

Recycling saves money.

The cost of hauling and disposing school waste cuts directly into the educational budget.  By diverting material from ending up in the dumpster, the trash bills can be cut considerably, leaving more money for the school to spend on educational tools for the students.

Send your recycling success stories, pictures and questions to:
Frank Chyz
Rutherford County Schools
Recycling Coordinator