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Frequently Asked Questions


When did the 1:1 technology program begin?

The initiative began in the spring of 2011 for students in grades six through twelve and expanded in the fall of 2015 to include laptops for grade five and iPads for kindergarten through grade four.  In the 2018 technology refresh, iPads were issued to all students in grades kindergarten through eight and Macbooks were issued to grades nine through twelve.

How will a 1:1 technology initiative enhance learning?

The use of technology will contribute to student’s understanding of our quickly changing world. Our students will learn more and do so in new ways using the skills and devices needed in future employment, thus preparing them for college and career success. These devices will support students as they learn at various skill levels and through a variety of learning styles. Students will be engaged in classroom projects that reach beyond the classroom and allow access to learning and resources outside of the school day. These projects support, enhance, and align with the Rutherford County curriculum, the NC Standards and the National Education Technology Standards.

What are the educational benefits of laptops?

Research suggests that most students already own and use digital tools on a daily basis for their educational, social and personal needs.   Rutherford County Schools intends to harness student interest and motivation to learn differently in order to engage students in their own learning. 

What type of device will students receive? 

iPads are issued to all students in grades kindergarten through eight and Macbooks are issued to grades nine through twelve.

My child already has a laptop. Why can't he/she just use that laptop while at school?

There are instructional benefits of utilizing technology through the district's network. These benefits include: access to additional educational software, consistency of program use, security filters and firewalls, and standardization of
 equipment for maintenance and repair by district staff. Additionally, for security reasons, the district does not allow personal equipment on the school network.

How will the district support the maintenance of all of these laptops?

Laptops/iPads are covered by a warranty for the entire term of the lease. In the event that part of the hardware fails, such as the keyboard or mouse, the student can bring it to school technology staff and receive a loaner while their laptop is repaired. The students will be notified when their laptop has been fixed and is ready to be returned.

What will happen if my child loses the laptop or it is stolen?

As per the signed authorization form, the student and parent should immediately contact the police and school officials to file a report.  If the laptop is recovered, it will be returned to district staff for updating. A replacement will be issued on a temporary basis until resolution of stolen laptop.

Is there a cost to parents associated with their child receiving a laptop?  

There is an annual payment for insurance per laptop in grades 6 through 12.   In the event of damage, there is also a $50 deductible per incident that must be paid.   Financial hardship cases will have a process for covering the cost.  

We don't have Internet access at home and I can't afford to purchase it at this time. How will my child be able to complete assignments? 

There are numerous ways for students and the public in general to gain access to the internet.  The students will have access at school, they may visit the public library, and there are numerous local hot spots throughout the area.  More HotSpot areas will be listed soon and all Schools will become hotspots in the future as well.

How will Internet Safety be addressed?

Currently, every school has web filtering in place in compliance with the Federal “Children’s Internet Protection Act” (CIPA). Technology devices are filtered while on the school network. Students and parents receive extensive instruction regarding the safe use of the Internet at each school site.