Supporting Learning with Technology

Guidelines and Responsibilities for Technology Use

Students will:

  • Keep device secure and damage free and will follow the general care and use guidelines in the student handbook.

  • Recognize that all Internet and electronic communication access is provided to RCS students for educational purposes. Personal use is acceptable as long as such use does not interfere with instructional use. Personal use must comply with all RCS policies and may not involve activities that are unethical, illegal, immoral, profane, obscene, or pornographic.

  • Comply with copyright laws and/or fair use provisions regarding the use of pirated or illegal material (including but not limited to software and music files) as well as the reproduction or dissemination of Internet materials, except as permitted by law or by written agreement with the owner of the copyright.

  • Comply with federal, state, and local laws prohibiting the intentional use or distribution of obscene, profane, pornographic, discriminatory, or otherwise inappropriate materials.

  • Recognize that when using school resources for electronic communication, there is no legal privacy interest. The school system may monitor access to student resources to ensure security and performance of computer systems and networks. Upon request by an administrator or teacher, students will make any messages or files sent or received at any Internet location available for inspection. Files stored and information accessed, downloaded or transferred on district-owned technology are not private.

  • Refrain from activities that could disrupt network functions. Students should not attempt to gain unauthorized access into any network, system, program or account. Only install, download, or copy software with the permission of district technology personnel.

  • Use appropriate language in all communications. Students should avoid using profane, offensive or inflammatory speech. Personal attacks, threats, or other acts of cyberbullying made while using district-owned technology are prohibited and shall be reported to responsible school personnel.

  • Exercise caution in revealing personal identification information, such as Social Security numbers or telephone numbers in any form of electronic communication.

  • Refrain from using any electronic communication tool provided by the school system to conduct “for profit” transactions.