Learning Support for Parents & Caregivers

Create a Learning Schedule and Space

Sustained periods of virtual education are successful when students have a routine to follow and a space in which to work and learn.  As you consider how to support your child's remote learning, be clear about the time of day any online video sessions will be held as well as the extent of the assignments your student will be asked to complete.  If you're not sure, ask your child's teacher(s). Once you have an idea about daily time commitments, plan a schedule for your child to follow. Stick to as predictable a daily routine as possible. Don't forget to include times for breaks and lunch.  In addition to developing a daily learning schedule, it is important to identify an at-home learning space. 

A dedicated learning space for remote learning should ideally be located in a shared area of your home such as at the kitchen table, a large kitchen counter, or a desk in a living room or family room.   Additionally, an online learning space in a shared area allows parents and guardians to readily support learning while also monitoring online activity.

Sample Daily Schedule

More and more adults are able to work remotely and most have daily schedules or routines they use to help them stay focused and on task.  When your student learns remotely, they're going to need support to think about how to establish a regular routine. To develop your child's daily schedule, ask them about a typical school day.  Consider their ability to stay focused and how long they can reasonably devote their full attention to a task. Your student's schedule will look different depending upon your family dynamics and your child's personal learning needs. Teachers will provide contact information to assist with instructional issues.

Share Learning with Teachers When Possible

There are many possibilities for how teachers might invite students to share their learning.  Parents and caregivers should be sure they know what their children's teacher(s) expect and then support their student as needed.  All RCS teachers have email accounts and will share how you can reach them via phone. RCS is actively working on plans to utilize resources to create seamless communication between teachers and their students and parents.  If you have any concerns, please call the school.

Check Progress

Meaningful learning engagement during remote learning will require a possible shift in the ways teachers share student progress or in the ways parents and caregivers can check on their child's progress.  Email, information shared via Canvas concerning assignments and grades posted, and other practices already used by teachers and parents will be made available.