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Technology Work Request Process
Technology Work Request Procedures

• School personnel should send technology work request needs to their school level contact person.
• Each school has a minimum of one designated person to submit work request.
• School personnel should give the school level contact person as much information as possible on the problem.
• Work requests are submitted by the school level contact person on forms posted to the Technology Work Order Database for tracking purposes.

No Equipment should be brought in or sent in by the Courier

Note: AV Equipment work request are handled the same as other technology work request, with the exception of overhead projector light bulbs. Overhead projector light bulbs are not handled by the Technology Department.

  • Technicians check the Work Order Database every morning and determine where they are going based on oldest work orders.
  • Generally, the Technicians spend a half-day at each location and do as many work orders as possible.
  • Some work orders can only be done by certain people because of expertise and/or liability concerns.
  • Also, problems with network software, network hardware (servers), Internet, Intranet, etc. can only be done by the Network Engineers.
  • Some work orders are done after school hours in order to limit intrusions on instructional time.
  • Sometimes computers will need to be brought back to the Technology Department for repair and will be returned as soon as the problem has been fixed.
  •  Here are some steps that you can take to make sure that your work order is done as quickly as possible:
  • Be as specific as possible in your work request. Did you install anything before the problem occurred such as software, printer, thumbdrive, etc? Include error messages and sequence of events that led to the problem.
  • Be sure to list model number and brand of computer, including 8 digit Inventory number, if applicable.
  • For New Computer Installation, make sure that you have enough power outlets for a computer (2), space for an additional network cable, and proper furniture (computer table) to put the computer on. If you are unsure if you have these,  please contact your building level technology contact person before turning in the work request.
  • Proper planning of your project/new install will ensure that it is completed in a timely manner.

AS400 problems will be handled by Ann Gurley Ext. 164.