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Student Accident Insurance

Student Accident Insurance


RCS provides LIMITED accident insurance coverage for all students during the school day.  In the past, this coverage was extended only to student athletes.  All students, all student athletes, volunteers and participants in the JROTC and CTE programs are covered with a LIMITED BENEFIT SECONDARY insurance policy (PARENT-PAID INSURANCE IS REQUIRED for all sports participants, as well as JROTC and certain CTE classes).  This coverage is intended to SUPPLEMENT parent-paid coverage and WILL NOT cover the entire cost of an injury that may occur.  Please read the materials for more detailed information. 

Parent-paid accident insurance policies are available for as little as $9 which will coordinate with the RCS coverage and significantly increase payments in case of accidental injury, some benefits will actually double. PARENTS WITH NO INSURANCE FOR THEIR CHILDREN (required for students participating in the activities listed above) OR HIGH DEDUCTIBLE COVERAGE WITH LARGE CO-PAYMENTS SHOULD SERIOUSLY CONSIDER PURCHASING A STUDENT ACCIDENT INSURANCE PLAN FOR THEIR CHILDREN.

Everything you need to file a claim can be found at:

PLEASE MAKE SURE YOUR CHILD'S SCHOOL COMPLETES THEIR SECTION OF THE CLAIM FORM PRIOR TO SUBMISSION (if applicable).  That is the only section a school is permitted to complete.  All of the required documentation and the remaining claim information MUST be submitted by the parent, to the company directly, for payment consideration (due to insurance and HIPAA regulations).
Student Accident Insurance Brochure