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Teacher Support

The Teacher Support Specialist offers support and assistance to beginning teachers throughout the three-year induction process. This includes New Teacher Orientation, Lateral Entry Orientation, group meetings, classroom visits, training, etc. 

Rutherford County Schools provides beginning teachers with a three day orientation program in August which includes information on personnel policies and benefits, an overview of state and local curriculum initiatives as well as testing and accountability information, classroom management and technology. The New Teacher Orientation includes a time set aside for a special breakfast honoring the beginning teachers. They are introduced to the entire central office staff and to the school board. Prior to the New Teacher Orientation, lateral entry teachers attend a seven day orientation to help prepare them for the classroom. These teachers are also involved in the three-day New Teacher Orientation. 

Monthly meetings are held for first year teachers and bi-monthly meetings are held for second year teachers. Third year teachers meet quarterly. Topics include classroom management, lesson design, differentiation of instruction, assessment, graphic organizers, stress and time management, the evaluation process, reflection, EOC/EOG survival skills, parent/community collaboration, and working with students with disabilities. Ongoing classroom visits and in-classroom support as well as individual teacher meetings are conducted. 

Mentor teachers meet quarterly to stay informed on policies regarding beginning teachers. During these meetings, mentors are provided with new information and resources available to support the beginning teacher. Opportunities are given to collaborate with peers sharing experiences/information each has found helpful. 

Rutherford County also supports its teachers who are seeking National Board Certification. A support group for current candidates and advanced candidates meets regularly to collaborate and support one another during this process. For more information about teacher support, please contact the Human Resources Department.