Rutherford County Schools is deeply committed to sound stewardship of our community’s education resources, to providing excellent academic and extracurricular experiences to our community’s children, and to ensuring that our graduates are prepared not only to succeed, but also to excel, as graduates and adult members of our community. First, we are focused on great teaching, with an emphasis on personalized learning that meets each student’s individual needs. Second, we are also focused on our students’ social and emotional learning, and we are committed to ensuring that we support our students’ changing needs as they grow and mature from childhood to adolescence and on to early adulthood. Third, we are committed to ensuring that our students learn and grow in safe, modern school facilities, and that they have access to appropriate learning resources in every classroom. Finally, we are fully committed to building and sustaining strong partnerships with the many outstanding organizations, agencies, businesses, and industries throughout our county and region, recognizing not only that our local community benefits from a strong education system, but also has a powerful role to play in the educational preparation of our students. Rutherford County Schools actively recruits top-quality candidates from diverse backgrounds to ensure that we realize each student’s passion for learning, preparing for a lifetime of infinite possibilities.


Rutherford County is located in the foothills region of western North Carolina and includes the towns of Bostic, Ellenboro, Forest City, Lake Lure, Ruth, Rutherfordton, and Spindale, along with numerous communities spanning almost 600 square miles. In 2018, the U. S. Census Bureau calculated the county's population at 66,826 residents.

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