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Career-Technical Education

Welcome to Rutherford County Schools' Career-Technical Education (CTE) program.

Rutherford County Schools provides a comprehensive CTE program for all students at Chase High School, East Rutherford High School, R-S Central High School, Chase Middle School, East Rutherford Middle School, and R-S Middle School. Our CTE programs are aligned with state and national standards to help prepare students to succeed in a global economy. As a major component of a well-rounded education, a variety of CTE courses are offered to students in eight CTE program areas.


Rutherford County Schools' CTE program areas include: Agricultural Education; Business, Finance, and Information Technology Education; Career Development Education; Family Consumer Sciences Education; Health Science Education; Marketing and Entrepreneurship Education; Trade and Industrial Education; and Middle Grades Education.


If you have any questions or would like additional information about our CTE program please contact:


Charlie Freeman

[email protected]