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Medical Statement Needs

School Nutrition Services accommodates any special diet for medical reasons.  All requests for special diets must be submitted on a Special Diet Order Form to the cafeteria manager at the school your child attends.  A  Special Diet Order Form with a physician and/or medical authority's signature is required to make substitutions to any meal.  If a student has a Special Diet Order Form which documents a disability and needs dietary accommodations a licensed physician signature is required.  In the case of a disability, Federal guidance requires that “the nature of the child’s disability, the reason the disability prevents the child from eating the regular school meal, and the specific substitutions needed must be specified in a statement signed by a licensed physician.”


A Special Diet Order form, a Special Diet Order Cancellation form and/or a Parent/Guardian Request for Fluid Milk Substitution form may be requested from the Cafeteria Manager at each school or by downloading from below.