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Student Wellness Policy


The Rutherford County Board of Education (“Board”) recognizes that it is important for students to maintain their physical health and receive proper nutrition in order to take advantage of educational opportunities.  The Board further recognizes that student wellness and proper nutrition are related to a student’s physical well-being, growth, development, and readiness to learn.  The Board is committed to providing a school environment that promotes student wellness, proper nutrition, nutrition education, and regular physical activity as part of the total learning experience.  As part of that commitment, the Board directs the Superintendent to oversee the development, implementation, and ongoing evaluation of this policy and other school system efforts to encourage students to be healthy and active, including compliance with the State Board of Education’s Healthy Active Children Policy, SHLT-000.


This policy established the School Health Advisory Council, which must include members of each of the following groups:  the school board, school system administrators, school system food service representatives, physical education teachers, school health professionals, students, parents or guardians, and the public.  


Key areas of focus include:  

  • physical activity
  • health education
  • employee wellness
  • health services
  • social and emotional climate
  • nutrition environment and services
  • counseling, psychological, and social services
  • physical environment
  • family engagement
  • community involvement. 



                                  Student Health Advisory Council Members


Name and Title


Representative Role(s)

Brad Teague, Chief Operations Officer (Council Lead)

Rutherford County Schools

School Administrator

Daniel Bailey, Physical Education Teacher, Coach

Rutherford County Schools

Health & Physical Education

Sarah Bradley, School Nurse (Council Secretary)

Rutherford County Schools

Lead School Nurse

Sherry Bright, School Board Member, Community Social Work

Rutherford County Schools

Board of Education & Counselor, Social Worker or Psychologist

Kim Carpenter, Chief Technology Officer

Rutherford County Schools

School Administrator

Ritchie Garland, Director of Marketing and Community Relations

Rutherford County Schools

Community Engagement & School Administrator

Brian Gooch, Lead School Resource Officer

Rutherford County Sheriff’s Department

Attorneys and Law Enforcement Officials

Thad Harrill, Vice President

Isothermal Community College

Colleges / Universities

Chris Lovelace, School Safety Officer and Investigator

Rutherford County Sheriff’s Department

Attorneys and Law Enforcement Officials

Suzanne Mizsur-Porter, Community Engagement Team Coordinator

United Way of Rutherford County


Civic and Service Organizations


Rodney Queen, School Counselor, Youth Minister

Rutherford County Schools, Bethany Baptist Church

Churches / Synagogues / Faith Community

Sherry Suttle, School Nutrition Contract Manger

Rutherford County Schools

School Nutrition

Erin Wilson, School Health Liason

Foothills Health Department

Public Health Agencies