2019-2020 RFPs

All Requests for Bids and Proposals for the 2019-2020 school year
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RFP Questions ROC Furniture:


Will there be existing furniture removal?



Do you have a hard delivery date request?

    August 3rd


Will installation be required?



Do you have a loading dock?



Will you be using E Procurement or credit card payment?

    No, purchase order. 


What is the delivery address?

    140 Old Caroleen Rd.

    Forest City, NC

Furniture RFP Questions 2020


1) When is the expected delivery time?

           We would like to have all items on or before June 30, 2020.


2) It seems only the elementary student desks would need adjusted. Is this all that would need done install wise?

          Unless there is some assembly required upon delivery, adjusting the elementary student desk is likely the only 

          installation we would need.


3) For the carpets - solid or printed?

          We prefer a printed rug.


4) Are there more documents for bid #236-004(School Furniture)?

          The two pages posted are the only documents for the furniture RFP.


5) Do you want fiberboard or solid plastic for the desk top? Book rack?

We prefer solid plastic for both.

6) For the install part - do you need unloaded, unboxing and placement to each room? Or just need the truck unloaded and the elementary adjustable desks to be installed?
For the install, we will need everything unloaded, unboxed and placement in a specific area of the building, not necessarily in each room. This will also involve any adjustments to height for the elementary desks.


7) With the closure of schools, I wanted to confirm that the district office is still able to accept the bid on the date requested? If adjusted, could you please send the new date for submittal?
As for now, we are prepared to proceed with the date. If anything changes, we will post immediately.


8) Does the due date for this RFP still hold as 3/31, or have there been changes given the Coivd-19 and the changes associated? If it is the same are you still looking for a hard copy to be mailed or dropped off?
We are planning to proceed as planned with the due date for the bid submissions. We will accept bids via
mail and hand delivery. We ask that you call (828)288-2200 prior to your arrival if you plan to drop the bids in person. Someone will come to the front door at the Cool Springs Administrative Office and take the bid from you.

1) I saw this particular project online, and was wondering if you could tell me if any rubber playground surfacing will be needed. Can you please let me know?
      No. We use the specialized mulch for our playgrounds. No rubber playground surfacing will be needed.
2) Do you have Union Requirements?

3) Do you have a copy of the Pre-bid Sign In Sheet available?
     We do not have a pre-bid sign-in sheet.
4) Have you issued any addenda for this project? Can I ask a copy?
      We have not issued an addenda.
5) Can we obtain copy of the plan holder’s list?
      We are not aware of any contractors who have plans for the project.
6) Do you have a construction cost/estimated budget?
     Our estimated budget is $28,000 - $40,000.
7) I didn't see any mention of fall surfacing, are you going to handle that internally ? or do you need us to quote some thing ?
     No, we use specialized mulch and will handle that internally.
8) Which play ground has to be torn out ?
      If I'm standing at front of school facing in front door, the one on left, middle or right. The playground on the right, near the back of the school.
9) Just the unit or the stand alone items as well.
      Just the unit. If any free standing items need to be removed, we will handle those internally.
10) How far is the land fill from school ? roughly.
       Roughly 10 miles.

RFP#T20200224 Epson PowerLite 520 projector bid questions:

Question 1

I am interested in your RFP for the order of 240 Epson PowerLite 520 - 3LCD projector Part#: V11H674020 and was curious if wall mounts are needed as well?

Answer: No wall mounts are needed. Replied on Feb 26th. 


Question 2:


Due to the coronavirus outbreak in China, Epson is expecting to see allocation issues on many of their products including the PowerLite 520 projector. Can you confirm if the receipt dates below are absolute required drop-dead dates? There is a chance that inventory could be constrained causing the projectors to arrive after the proposed dates below. We will of course be in close communication with you and Epson to prioritize your order for deliveries ASAP.

Answer: In response to concerns over availability of inventory, we have adjusted our expectation of delivery of the first 100 items to April 30, 2020 with final delivery of the remaining projectors by May 29, 2020. Replied on March 2nd.

Question 3:

Regarding RFP- Technology Equipment, would you consider the upgrade model, EPSON PowerLite 525W WXGA 3LCD Projector MFR# V11H672020?


Answer: Your replacement is 16:10 aspect ratio natively and the 520’s we have specified are 4:3 (due to the old promethean boards). We have tested the 520 and have wish to stay with this model if possible for our replacement. Replied on March 2nd. 

Question 4:

The availability of the PowerLITE 520’s looks like it will be an issue with the need by dates in this RFP. Our Epson rep stated, “Probably won’t see any until mid-April as it is an allocated product”. Knowing that you will not be able to receive the projectors as the RFP states, what will the plan be?

Answer: In response to concerns over availability of inventory, we have adjusted our expectation of delivery of the first 100 items to April 30, 2020 with final delivery of the remaining projectors by May 29, 2020. Replied on March 2nd.