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2020-2021 RFPs

All Requests for Bids and Proposals for the 2020-2021 school year
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Questions: RFP#T20210203- Surplus Devices

Q1. What is the anticipated percentage of accessories that will be included?
A1. 1 to 1 for MacBook and iPad power adapters and possibly some extra stock for MacBook Air Magsafe 2 45w power adapters.

Q2. Are devices currently in cases? Can they be removed prior to collection?
A2. They are all in cases and will not be removed prior to collection. We will remove cases on any 7th Gen iPads.

Q3. Are devices engraved? If so, was the engraving done by Apple or a 3rd party?
A3. They are not engraved.

Q4. Will devices be fully released from DEP/Apple School Manager and any other MDM Systems prior to collection?
A4. Devices will be fully released from DEP/ASM. We can easily do this via the inventory spreadsheet and Mutt/Jamf MDM.

Q5. Will devices be cleared of iCloud profiles preventing Activation Lock prior to collection?
A5. All devices will be cleared of iCloud lock unless accidentally missed. We will work with the vendor if they
receive any from us that are still locked.

Q6. Will Firmware Passwords be removed from Macs prior to collection?
A6. We will attempt to remove all firmware passwords prior to collection; however, it can be provided if we miss any.

Q7. How many pickup sites do you anticipate?
A7. As stated in the RFP, it could be multiple. It could be up to 20 locations and as few as 1. We will make a best effort to relocate all devices to one site. This depends on COVID-19 and possible restrictions in place at the time devices are collected.

Q8. Are you able to provide the processor information for these devices? MacBook portion:
A8. Intel 1.8GHz core i5 Dual Core Processor, for other specs please look up model # listed in the proposal.

Q9. What brand cases were used for the iPads and Macs?
A9. iPad 6th generation units have a Brenthaven Edge 360 90% and 10% may have a heavy duty Logitech keyboard case.
iPad Pro 10.5" have a Logitech Slim Combo keyboard case
MacBook Air's (Students) all have Brenthaven Edge cases.
MacBook Air (Teachers) some purchased their own cases and may keep them. Some will have Brenthaven 360 Edge cases, not sure on the numbers of cases specifically.

Q10. Can I arrange a visit on-site next week to inspect a sample of devices?
A10. Sure, just let us know when. You will need a mask and will go through a brief temp check before being escorted.

Q11. Were any of the devices permitted to be taken home during their usage or did they remain within the classroom environment?
A11. All of our devices are currently taken home. However, the elementary K-5 6th generation iPads were in carts until COVID-19 hit last year in which we promptly assigned them to students to take home.

Q12. You mention an Apple protocol in wipe service/certification requiring a NIST and NAID certification by the vendor. If a vendor does not have that certification but has an R2/RIOS certification through the audit of our wipe service protocol to DoD 5220.22 standards is that an acceptable certification for us to participate within the bidding process?
A12. The DoD 5220.22 is 25 years old. We "require" at least NIST since these units have SSD and the DoD 5220.22 does not include Flash/SSD in its specifications. Quoted from online and references noted at the bottom: "The DoD 5220.22 standard was not created to address chip-based storage and the different mechanisms for handling the storage capacity. This major issue, discovered by UCSD, caused a ripple effect in the industry and influenced NIST to release the NIST 800-88 Clear and NIST 800 88 Purge standards." 1. Also: "National Institute for Standards and Technology’s (NIST) Special Publication 800-88: Guidelines for Media Sanitization should be used for current data erasure compliance. The current revision was issued in 2012, and includes overwriting, secure erasure, and physical destruction methods. The NIST guidelines have replaced the DoD standard in regulatory and certification compliance across all industries." 2.
Q13. Include a solution for the collection of devices that become available after the initial collection period has ended. What does this mean?................can you word it differently as the word “collection” becomes confusing used in describing both aspects of the question........and do you require this outline within our bid submission or is this something the winning vendor defines at a later point in the procurement process?
A13. When the initial bulk collection period is finished we will receive devices that are collected after the fact due to the temporary inability to contact some parents, faculty and staff for various reasons. This statement is roughly outlining the buyback company's ability to accept these devices after the initial bulk pickup.

Q14. Where can I find the site addresses?
A14. https://rcsnc.edlioschool.com/apps/pages/index.jsp?uREC_ID=1621804&type=d&pREC_ID=1758901

Q15. Will the devices be in one central location at each pickup?
A15. Yes unless space is a factor (to large to fit in help desk/specific area).

Q16. Will there be space to put the equipment's on pallets for shipment?
A16. Depends on COVID. Best effort to make a large enough area happen but not promised.

Q17. Will the locations have a loading dock?
A17. No loading dock. We have a location we have used for pickups that has a make-shift dock that needs a dock plate to use (rough). Plan on most likely utilizing a lift gate.

Q18. What is the condition of the equipment currently?
A18. You will need to come grade the devices yourself. The devices have been cased since the last refresh only removing mostly for damage and warranty work.

Q19. After June 1st will all the equipment be ready for pickup? Or is there a scheduled roll out? If so what is the district's timeline on pickups?
A19. Will most likely be a "during the month of June" pickup.

Q20. How would the school like to receive payment from the winning bidder? Through wire transfer, check, cashier's check, etc?
A20. Check

Q21. Approximately how much equipment would be able to be viewed if we were to set up a site inspection?
A21. We have examples at our Tech Center and we could setup a visit to a High School, Middle School and Elementary school. Visitors will need to bring PPE and will have their temperature taken.

Q22. Do the MacBook Airs have 128GB SSDs or 256GB SSDs?
A22. 2,790 are 128GB and 815 are at least 256GB. The Apple model numbers in the RFP should give all specifications including this when referenced online.

Q23. Will the devices have any asset tags, metallic tags, tamperproof tags, or stickers of any kind?
A23. Yes, they will have metal asset tags and Brother DK-2211 labels applied.
Q24. Are the asset tags removable? Will you be able to provide us with a picture of the referenced metal asset tag?
A24. They are removable. The previous buyback companies had no issues using their respective method of removal. Below is a picture of an asset tag and a Brother label that we have on the units. We have some green metal asset tags as well. On some devices the Brother label is only on the case. 
Asset Tag ExampleBrother label example
Q25. The actual counts within the RFP for the iPads and MacBooks...........are these the hard counts for what will present during the initial bulk pick up by the winning vendor?............or does this count include the totality of all devices including those still in remote status that will be picked up at a later date? If that latter observation is true then what percentage of that RFP count exists staged at your school location(s) ready for the initial bulk pick up? 
A25. The actual counts are the stock we have. We will make attempts to collect all of these devices at the time of pickup but a small number will come in after that. We will not know that number ahead of time.  
Q26. In regards to the collection of any remaining devices that are still held remotely..........as they are returned to the school by the remote end users do you have an idea of how long or what cut off date you will use to consider all units for retirement under this procurement project as concluded and no more will be accepted? I’m trying to factor the consideration for our outline in the gathering process of the remaining remote devices as to how much time we are dealing with and the impact of depreciation on that. 
A26. Again, we will make every attempt to collect all devices prior to pickup. We cannot estimate exactly what this would be. There should be a low numbers of devices not returned by initial pickup.
Q27. Does the balance due of the reconciliation for devices from the winning vendor specified as 45 days from audit completion only pertain to those counts available during the initial bulk pick up?............or if other pick ups are to occur from the remaining remote devices returned to the school at a later date does this balance due pertain to paying the reconciliation after all devices have been collected and audited?
A27. We expect to collect the unreturned devices within 45 days, thus the remaining payment should be due at that time. 
Q28. Is it possible to get photos of the devices?
A28. We would rather buyback vendors come to grade the devices onsite if possible. 
Q29. When you say, " The devices have been cased since the last refresh only removing mostly for damage and warranty work." Was the refresh when you just purchased these devices "New"? 
A29. Yes
Q30. Since damaged was removed, are all of these supposed to be functional?
A30.  MacBooks are repaired in house by a certified ACMT and AppleCare Warranty. iPads are sent to Apple for repair under AppleCare. 
Q31. In regards to the bid for Sale of Surplus Technology Equipment, would an
Apple Factory Reset along with multiple quality checks be sufficient for
data wipe, or do you require NAID certification by your vendor?
A31. We are requiring NAID. 
Q32. Is acceptance and award of proposals based on submissions that include pricing, collection and grading of all listed devices; or will you accept proposals for collection and grading of iPads only?
A32. We do not want to split up the buyback of our MacBooks and iPads. 
Q33. Good morning.  Have there been any addendums or questions and answers for the below sale of the Apple equipment RFP that is due on Friday, the 19th? Thank you
A33. There is a Q&A for the RFP located at the below link for reference. Otherwise the RFP PDF is the same as it was when posted. 
Q34. I apologize, as I am unsure of what you mean exactly. We wipe equipment/data to NIST standards, however, there is no such thing as a "NAID certified" erase, per say. Do you know if our erasing to NIST standards would be sufficient for your requirements?
A34. Just as long as it's wiped to NIST/NAID standards, sorry for the confusion on the certification.
Example: Software from vendors like White Canyon that is certified to wipe with NIST and NAID standards. 
Q35. Due to the ongoing weather issues, we were inquiring to see if you would also accept a digital copy of our response, just in case our physical submission does not make it on time. If so, please respond to this email, and we will send immediately. 
A35. INTERESTED BIDDERS TAKE NOTICE: Due to extreme weather conditions that have potentially interrupted regular mail delivery, and pursuant to the authority granted in G.S. § 143-129.9(b), Rutherford County Schools will accept electronic bids in addition to paper bids in response to its Request for Proposals (RFP) seeking vendors for the sale of surplus technology equipment.  Bids sent electronically should be emailed to [email protected]; this single-purpose email account shall not be opened until the time for opening bids pursuant to the RFP.  The deadline for submission is the same as for paper bids: 3:00 p.m. tomorrow, Friday, February 19, 2021. At that time, electronically submitted bids shall be opened and read in the same manner as any paper bids received in response to the RFP. 
Please make sure sealed bids are ONLY emailed to [email protected] and not to [email protected], Chief Technology Officer or Director of Technical services direct @rcsnc.org email accounts. We will log into this account at 3:00PM this afternoon to open all the bids at the same time. 

R-S Middle Furniture RFQ Questions


When is the bid for the middle school due?

We have not determined the bid submittal date at this time. That decision will be made after the submittals on 2/1/21 and once we decide on our next steps. 


Can vendor qualifications be sent electronically or via mail?

They must be mailed.


I wanted to check to see if to become qualified for the Middle School bid, do we have to have record of providing furniture to this district?

That is not a requirement. Familiarity with our district or similar districts will be a portion of the scoring rubric, but will not exclude anyone.

Questions: RFP #M20201112 Custodial Equipment Supplies
Q1. How many locations will the equipment and materials be delivered to? 
A1. The equipment and materials will be delivered to one location, which has a loading dock and forklift.
Q2. How many trash can liners are in a box?
A2.   For our large cans, our current supplier sells us 43" by 47", fits up to 56 gallon, is 0.59 mil thick, comes 200 bags per case, and weighs 16.4 lbs. For our smaller cans, we get 24" by 33", fits up to 16 gallon, 6 Microns thick, 1,000 bags per case, and weighs 12.8 lbs. The color of the liners is natural.  
Q3. What is the previous supply order for disinfectant, gloves, and can liners?
A3. We order disinfectant, gloves, and can liners on a quarterly basis. This RFP, however, should carry us through the rest of our fiscal year, which ends June 30th, 2021.