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2022-2023 RFPs

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Questions & Answers for #RFP T20220919 Security Camera System Upgrade
Correction to an error on the RFP regarding the due date: It should say RFP proposal responses are due Friday, November 18, 2023.
Q1: Are you currently using a Video Management Software? If so, what platform are you using or how are you viewing video feeds currently?
A1: We currently are utilizing ExacqVision at most locations and Avigilon at our newest middle school. We utilize the macOS/PC version of the ExacqVision client for ExacqVision. 
For Avigilon we use a combination of Avigilon Cloud, Avigilon for iOS, and the PC client version of ACC for pulling the video. 

Q2: What does RCS mean when requesting Alarm In/Alarm Out Terminals? Are you looking to tie these cameras to a burglar alarm system?
A2: We do not currently utilize Alarm In/Alarm Out taps with our alarm systems so this is optional. 
Q3: (Question in general by multiple) How many building locations does this RFP cover? (Plus general information on this to clarify the RFP) 17
A3: 3 High Schools and 2 Middle Schools plus an Alternative high school (ROC), 10 elementary schools plus one preschool (Carver Center). For this project, servers will be replaced/upgraded at all locations or possibly removed/consolidated (Currently older ExacqVision servers) including our 10 elementary schools. If you come onsite to inspect for cabling you may only need to look at one elementary school since only the server will be replaced in the MDF. We would recommend viewing at least one of the middle schools (similar plans) and all of the high schools and the alternative school ROC. Our 3rd Middle School is new and has Avigilon with brand new servers/cameras so is not included in the scope of this RFP. We are taking recommendations on whether to run all servers from our Central Office or still utilize one per school or a hybrid setup (some onsite where there are more cameras aka High Schools/MSs and multiple at Central Office for Elementary and admin offices or other recommendations). Axis cameras at the Elementary schools will not be changed out on this RFP.
Q3: answer revision/addition:
These locations have a large number of analog cameras that will need to be replaced:
1. RS Central High School
2. CHS High School
3. ERHS High School
4. Chase Middle
5. ER Middle
6. ROC (Rutherford Opportunity Center)
The following elementary schools and preschools have Axis/Avigilon/Samsung IP cameras completely (Only need servers/licenses to take in the currently installed CCTV cameras)

7. Mt. Vernon-Ruth Elementary School
8. Pinnacle Elementary School
9. Rutherfordton Elementary School
10. Spindale Elementary School
11. Ellenboro Elementary School
12. Forest City-Dunbar Elementary School
13. Sunshine Elementary School
14. Cliffside Elementary School
15. Forrest W. Hunt Elementary School
16. Harris Elementary School
17. Carver Center
Q4: We prefer to hand-deliver our RFP responses just with the way shipping has been recently. Would this be acceptable to drop it off by hand by the deadline?
A4. Yes, if we are not available it could be left at the front desk. 
Q5: I have the AP heat maps of the locations, but was wondering if you had floorplans with marked camera locations? Could you please send these if you have them?
A5. We do not have marked locations and are not sure we can mark up 800 cameras in time. We didn't list the locations because most cabling pricing is the same no matter what length. We do have a spreadsheet available with all the names, but unfortunately, they do not have room #s in the names for a large number.
Q6: We have listed 10 elementary schools but then at the bottom says that the Axis cameras are not to be replaced? Is that random throughout each school or are the axis cameras the only system at some schools? Just want to make sure we don’t skip over a school if they have a mix of cameras in place.
A6: There are no analog cameras in the Elementary schools thus none will be replaced. Just server/licenses needed to replace the current servers/software with the same or another server product. If your product can not interface with standard CCTV IP cameras then you may want to bid a full replacement. 
Q7: 1. Can the customer confirm if the Unit Pricing should include the installation cost as well (labor, travel, miscellaneous material)? If not, should the labor/travel costs be quoted for the entire project?
A7: Please include the installation cost as well as labor/travel/misc. 
Q8: Can the proposal also be emailed?
A8: Submissions cannot be emailed.
Q9: What are the requirements for this demo? Is this required to be completed and approved before the Proposal is due?
A9: A demo is not required but if it is a CCTV system we have not seen before we would like to know the features unique to the product your company installs. 
Q10:When grading will DVSOB have a priority?
A10: No, we encourage participation from all eligible vendors. 
Q1. (Vendor 1 set of questions)
The RFP states that questions and responses would be on the website and I have not seen them. In order for me to complete my response, I need to know the following information:
1) Term of "agreement"?
2) Number of faxes?
3) For the Faxes, do you prefer e-fax or paper and ink?
4) You have 462 Non DID extensions listed with another 112 DIDs we would be porting. Does this include the main numbers? Fax numbers? Or are they another 112
A1. (Answers for Vendor 1)
Your questions are the first we have received, sorry for the delay
1) District prefers an annual service agreement unless there is a pricing advantage to multi-year
2) Quantity 29 Fax Lines will need to be ported (but the quantity may be adjusted "slightly" if needed after the vendor is chosen)
3) Ability of both options. Right now we utilize AudioCodes style Efax VoIP units and they plug from the VoIP box into our Sharp fax MFP units. This is the traditional method. We have 2 that go directly to email (also archived at our vendor) and do not print out/email from the Sharp MFP units physically however their efax units are still respectively hooked up to Sharp MFPs to provide outgoing faxing from the respective Sharp copier
4) Yes. 462 basic extensions without DID and 112 DIDs that would need to be ported. In our current VoIP setup, the DID also has an Extention included with it which is the last 4 digits of its main DID number in most cases. So if your asking should the DIDs also have extensions associated with them, yes, they do now. The 29 efax units do have DID lines that would need to be ported as well
Q2. (Vendor 1)
One more clarification, since the DIDs have extensions, the 112 number does not include your main numbers for your locations?
A2. (Answers for Vendor 1)
The 112 does include the main DID numbers as well
Note: Rutherford County Schools has extended the submission date for the East High Chiller replacement. The deadline for submission is now August 1, 2022, at 3:00 PM. 
Q1 - May I ask what type of running track surface you based the design on? 
A1 - We are hopeful that we can incorporate a synthetic surface on our tracks. However, the final determination will be made after the vendor is selected and the final budget is determined. 
Q2 - I am curious if there are any more bid documents besides the 11-page request for qualifications?
A2- No. At this time, we are only seeking qualifications from potential vendors. 
Q3 - I am curious if there are any more bid documents besides the 11-page request for qualifications?
A3 - At this time, there are no other bid documents related to the RFQ posted on our website. 
Q4 - Will consider designs for equipment that is not listed in the RFP?
A4 - At this point in the process, we are only considering the specified structures in the RFP.  However, should we determine that the bids received are not within our budget, we may choose to re-post and consider other structures at that time.