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2017-2018 RFPs

Q.  I noticed I did not see mention of vented cove base or thresholds….Is this something that will be included in pricing, or do you want me to leave that out of the proposal?

A.  Cove base and thresholds should  be included in bid.

Q.  What specific considerations should be given to the painting/graphics package?

A.        1)  NCHSAA approved basketball court.
 2)  NCHSAA approved volleyball court.
 3)  Painted border around playing area.
 4)  Center court graphic
 5)  Baseline lettering
   6)  Shading of 3 point area

This package is a basic request for an equitable quotation from each bidder. Additional graphics may be included by the school after bid close. The additional graphic cost will be added to final payment.





The Rutherford County Board of Education (“Board’) has approved design-work related to construction of a new middle school serving approximately 900 students; design-work related to construction of a new elementary school serving approximately 500 students; and, design-work related to construction and renovation of a new transportation, maintenance, and school nutrition facility servicing a fleet of 120 buses and maintaining 19 schools and 2 administrative support facilities.


The Board is hereby soliciting responses from capable and experienced architectural/engineering firms. It is incumbent upon the architects to form a team that fully addresses the needs and requirements of the Board. Design services will be procured through a qualification-based selection process, without regard to fee, in accordance with G.S. 143-64.31, G.S. 143.64.32, and G.S. 115C-521(E). 

Please click here to download the full RFQ.

Questions Received:

Have the properties been identified for the projects?

Yes, the land has been secured for each project.  R-S Middle property is adjacent to R-S Central High School.  Transportation/Maintenance Facility property is located on the R-S Middle School campus.  Cliffiside Elementary property is on the existing campus.  

Do you have a budget for each project?

We do not have an exact budget for each project. We have projections for each project. 

Are you currently working with USDA?

Our County Manager is exploring the option of USDA financing.  

Will the Board of Education be engaged in the decision making process for the selection of the firm?

Yes, the Rutherford County Board of Education will make the final decision on the firm that is selected for the process. 

Will the projects be divided among different firms? 

It is our desire to award the totality of the Phase I project to one firm. However, if it is determined that other options are more viable, we will consider those options. 

Will the mascot for the R-S Middle still be the Knights?

Yes. R-S Middle will be the Knights. 

Is the total submission of 25 pages front only or front and back?

Submissions should not exceed 25 pages. A full front sheet is considered one page. A full front and back sheet is considered two pages. 

What is the renovation phase of the project?

The renovation phase will involved the existing R-S Middle facility. It will involve renovating buildings, classrooms and gymnasium for the transportation, maintenance and child nutrition facility. 

Will food be prepared at the Maintenance/Transportation/Child Nutrition facility?


Do you have a projected timeline for the projects. 

A final timeline has not be determined. A possible completion date for each project is listed below. 

           R-S Middle School - July 2021

           Transportation/Maintenance/Child Nutrition - August 2022

           Cliffside Elementary - July 2023