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2021-2022 RFPs

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Questions and responses will be listed under each respective RFP.
  1. Do the vehicles listed for deployment currently have a GPS System installed? If yes, is the selected vendor to be required to remove the existing devices?  Our staff will remove current GPS equipment.  If quote includes vendor removing equipment, please specify such.
  2. Are all drivers equipped with a mobile device (tablet/phone)?  Currently, no.  Drivers may have a personal phone, but currently no district tablet/phone.
  3. Are the buses equipped with a mobile device in-cab (tablet)? If yes, what is the make/model?  No.
  4. Is the Linq Payroll software cloud-based or an on-premises system (running on a local server)? If cloud-based, can the system utilize API’s for data transfer?  Linq is currently housed on-premise, but will be required to move to cloud-based in the next year.
  5. How do drivers currently clock in/out?  The current GPS system has keypad to input the driver's ID.
  6. Will the RCS consider a “Driver ID” system for logging drivers in/out?  The current GPS system has keypad to input the driver's ID; other methods will be considered.
  7. Does RCS utilize any Fleet Maintenance software (AssetWorks, RTA, etc.)? If yes, which vendor is being used?  SAP per NCDPI requirements, work order system designed by Brian McClung.
  8. Would RCS consider using their Sourcewell Membership as a method to procure? We are not members of Sourcewell or any other cooperative purchasing agreement that I am aware of so the answer to this is, no.
  9. Is there any equipment plugged into the J-Bus or OBD Ports on any of the vehicles?  None are currently attached.
  10. Does the RCS use fuel cards or is all fueling done on-site? If using fuel cards, which vendor is being used?  Fueling is performed on-site.
  11. In reference to the “service vehicles”, what type of PTO function(s) are to be monitored?  On two fuel trucks, a simple on/off could be utilized, but not necessarily required.
  12. Does the RCS utilize a Fuel Management System (FuelMaster, EJ Ward, GasBoy, etc.)? If yes, which vendor is being used?  We do, but the current vendor is not related to our GPS RFP.  
  13. Are there any requirements for the RCS to perform Pre/Post Trip Inspections (DVIR). If yes, how are the DVIR’s being performed currently?  We currently do not have an electronic requirement for pre/post trip inspections.
  14. Have any addendums been issued? I did not see any on the web site, but want to be sure.
    Will be updated with questions as they come in.
    May we submit our proposal electronically? (PDF via Email)
    I’m running into some timing issues, and am not confident a hard copy is going to arrive on time.
    May be submitted electronically.  Must be emailed to [email protected].  It will not be opened until the opening of bids.  Email must be sent prior to the deadline and will show a timestamp of when received and when opened.
    Which timeclock system are you using? Is there an app your drivers can use on their personal devices to log their times, as opposed to installing a tablet in every bus?
    -The reason I ask is that adding a tablet to the vehicle so the driver can log in and out is a costly addition just for timecard logging. It could be 3x what the GPS features alone cost, because driver’s tablets generally are workhorses that do a LOT of different things, from pre- and post-trip inspections, to turn by turn directions, to providing student boarding manifests for every stop, as well as a communications link between the dispatchers and drivers, all while being ruggedized devices designed for operating inside a heavy duty vehicle environment. Investing in the tablet hardware just for timecard logging is like using a sledgehammer to put in a finishing nail. :-)
    -So would you prefer us to bid a full tablet installation to support the timecard logging, despite the increased cost?
    -Or should we keep the solution in our proposal to GPS and vehicle telematics for now, and look at adding tablets later as a future upgrade?
    We currently use Linq.  You may submit different proposals with different scenarios.  The minimum that we must have is a method for drivers to clock-in and out.  Apps may pose an issue as we have some schools with sketchy cell signals.
Q&A for RSMS Panels:
Q1. I see the RFP requests that bidders have the ability to store these units until the new school is ready to receive them. Will the 40 units be shipped at the same time, or does the school intend to receive them in batches?
A1. We can receive in batches just as long as it's not during major construction of RS Middle. Will have to hold until the school is finished enough that contractors will not damage units due to building construction. This will tentatively be January/February. Due to Covid and shipping delays for some products we wanted to get the RFP in ahead of time. 
Q2. Also, will there be a standard loading dock at this location, or will you require a liftgate and/or inside delivery?
A2. Will require a lift gate and inside delivery.
Q3. a. Are you planning to award one sole vendor for hardware and installation?
b. Could a vendor respond with just the hardware and be award hardware only?
A3. a. Yes, if possible. b.They can respond but need to list in their bid they are not completing installation.
Q4. Prior to 12/30/21 you are asking that all equipment be shipped to a location of your choice meaning the new middle school or another location within your district.  Once you have received occupancy to the new Middle School are you asking the vendor to then move the equipment still in boxes to the Middle School (if not already stored there) ?  are you then also asking that we assemble everything and include this in our proposal ?  Can you confirm if this is true and if not please clarify?
A4. The thought was to have stored offsite (if the vendor can handle dry storage of 40 panels). They could be built offsite on the carts, then trucked in "or" built onsite. They need to be stored until we can safely put them in the building. Yes, we would like everything to be assembled whether onsite or offsite and in place around this time frame. You would work with RCS on an exact date when time is closer.
Q5. Per the 3 year warranty,  you are asking for it not to start until the unit has been placed into service not when it is shipped to your district for storage?
A5. In theory it would be stored offsite (by vendor) until they could either be built offsite/onsite. Due to Covid causing supply restraints we wanted to get the RFP out early. You could bid with what your company can feasibly accomplish. We would like for the warranty to start after they enter the building/after being built if possible. 
Q6. The RFP is listed as Draft.  Is there final coming out or is the draft doc final?
A6. We apologize, this was in error. This is the final document.
Q7. Under the circumstances surrounding the Covid-19 Virus will you accept an email bid in lieu of sealed paper bid.
Since we are all expected to stay at home during this time of social distance we would appreciate your consideration for the foregoing request.
A7. Due to our current policy we are only accepting sealed paper bids at this time.
Q8. Would you be willing and able to extend the response submission deadline by one week so bidders can try to accommodate the entire request of bidding hardware, warranty, warehousing, assembly/installation, and shipping (to warehouse and then to school location)?
A8. Due to the requirement for BOE approval we must hold to the current deadline. 
Q9. As you know, the industry is facing long lead times. Would you accept proposals for hardware that currently has a lead time estimated after 12/31/21? (Example: Promethean AP7E-B70-NA-1 currently estimated 1/14/22)
A9. We will extend the delivery date to the end of January for the chosen vendor. 

1) I received notification of this bid opportunity for air purification devices; however, I was unable to find the type of units that would be needed for Rutherford County Schools.


Do you have other bid documents available that would specify the type of units being requested or the square footage the items to cover? Any other information you can provide about the air Purification units being requested would be greatly appreciated.



I have provided the square footage below for all schools. The area needed in our maintenance, transportation, and technology department is less than 35,000 square feet and might require a visit to these locations to determine the exact square footage. You are welcome to visit any and all locations prior to the submission deadline. Please let me know if you would like to do this, and I will notify our schools. 


As for the type of units. We are open to most types, however, we do not want HEPA filters that would require frequent changing nor any unit that produces ozone as specified in the RFP. 


Square Footage - RCS

Chase High - 104,185

Chase Middle - 101,619

Cliffside - 52,844

Cool Springs - 47,200

FC-Dunbar - 59,000

East High - 106,674

East Middle - 105,574

Ellenboro - 93,786

ROC - 53,199

Forrest Hunt - 62,352

Pinnacle - 69,225

Harris - 72,084

Mt. Vernon-Ruth - 62,500

RS Central - 244,741

RS Middle - 129,335

Rutherfordton  - 83,983 

Spindale - 61,785

Sunshine - 62,221



2) To clarify, are you looking to have us unbox and plug in, or will that be taken care of by your staff?
We are not opposed to unboxing and placing the units, however, we would appreciate that service to be included. We would like assistance in determining the best placement for the units.

Typing errors in RFP:

Fiber patch cables need to be OS2 single mode not OM2 and fiber patch cables need to be "SC to LC" not ST to LC.


Blueprint notes:

1. In building area E306 the Band/Chorus Classroom does not have a "WAP" triangle/symbol on the blueprint for the ceiling however there needs to be a quad in the ceiling.


2. Some CCTV locations were left off of the blueprint, please refer to the information located at question 15 below. 




Q1. Our team is asking for additional time to prepare our response. Can you confirm if you and the county can approve an extension to the deadline and possibly move the deadline to the beginning of the week of August?

A1. We can not extend the RFP deadline


Q2. Due to the fact that (vendor name redacted) is not an approved Avigilon vendor, would you be willing to accept a cabling only bid for the security scope of work?

A2. We are looking for a complete proposal covering all of the work described in the RFP and vendors have the option to subcontract parts of the work provided that it is all detailed and quoted within their proposal.


Q3: Is there a schedule as to when the work will need to be finished if awarded the project?

A3: Substantial construction completion of the school is scheduled for late January.  Due to delays with the RFP, we will need work on this cabling project to begin as soon as possible and finish in a timeframe that does not hinder the construction completion timeline.


Q4: Will 3000v UPS’s suit the needs of each IDF?

A4: Yes


Q5: Is there a preferred UPS manufacturer?



Q6: Is there a preferred manufacturer for classroom instruction audio?

A6: None is needed for this RFP, Not Applicable


Q7: Will an IP based system such as AES be approved for classroom audio, common area paging, and bell scheduling as a combined solution?

A7: Yes


Q8: Is there a specified color for the panic strobe and can the annunciator and strobe be a single integrated unit?

A8: I asked and we do not use panic strobe lights at any locations.


Q9: Who does the panic button need to notify if pressed?

A9: Call 911


Q10: Is the contractor responsible for providing and installing the TV’s? If yes is there a preferred manufacturer and is a smart TV required?

A10: TV’s not applicable for this RFP, just the CAT6A cabling to the labeled areas. (Future)


Q11: RFP calls for 12 strand OS2 fiber between MDF and IDFs with 6 strands being terminated. Are the remaining 6 strands to be left dark/unterminated?

A11: Dark fiber. Labeled if code requires unterminated cabling to be labeled (I’m unsure). 


Q12: RFP calls for OM2 ST to LC fiber patch cables. Is this correct, or do OS2 SC to LC patch cables need to be subsituted?

A12: This was a typing error, it is suppose to be “SC” to LC Patch cables. 


Q13: RFP calls for classroom WAPs to have 4 Cat6a per location and other WAP locations to have 2 per. Is this correct?

A13: The ones labeled WAP’s one will be used for access points (installed by us) and the other ports for future use. So 4 in classrooms and smaller workrooms that have WAP’s listed they would be 2. This is of course in addition to the ones on the walls labeled. When it lists “WAPs” that means what will initially installed near this panel, etc. No wireless AP’s should be bid out, this will be handled in another RFP/etc. 


Q14: RFP states that selection of rack types (4/2 post) or wall mounted vented cabinets was TBD. Is this still the case?

A14. Yes, 4 post in MDF, and wall mounted in IDF’s unless this is impossible/then 2 post. Needs to allow enough space for Ruckus ICX-7550's and other rack equipment which is over 16" deep. 


Q15: We are seeing external mounted cameras, but no interior cameras on the drawings. Is this correct?

A15: We apologize for some of the areas not making it to the blueprint. There will need to be max 30 Avigilon CCTV cameras, all entrances and viewing down hallways, cafeteria, gym and office front desk area. At least 2-3 exterior cameras need to be analytical and we would like at least 1 be set to read tag plates at the front entrance. 


Q16: RFQ states the installation of 12 strand OS2 fiber for the backbone cabling system between MDF/IDF locations. Patch cords are listed as OM2, is this meant to be OS2 patch cords?

A16: This was a typing error, is suppose to be OS2 patch cords. 


Q17: Will fiber be expected to be installed within conduit pathway from the buildings MDF to each of the buildings IDF locations? Would armored fiber be an acceptable alternative to conduit?

A17: Yes, armored fiber will be acceptable. 


Q18: Sheet E100 under Security the 1st Note says “all intrusion system devices shall be routed in surface raceway where exposed or on existing wall to above ceiling”. Is this raceway currently installed or is the contractor expected to provide & install it?

A18: According to the project manager the general contractor (Beam) will install. 

General Contractor will provide:

  • Door contacts for simple security
  • J-Hooks
  • Pathways for door access
  • Cable trays at the main corridor

Q19: RFP states that GC has provided some cableways and j hooks. Does this mean Notes S1 and S3 on sheet E402 have been installed?

A19:  Yes, will be installed. Some of J hooks may be installed by GC  after speaking with awarded vendor, coming on site, etc. All j hooks provided. 


Q20: Will the electrical be installing the fire sleeves or will we be responsible for them?

A20: The selected RFP vendor will be responsible for fire sleeves as the GC didn't know what size would be needed. RFP vendor will also provide approved caulk/fire stop for the fire sleeves as well. 


Q21: We have seen both 11:00 and 3:30 for due times tomorrow on the quotes. Which one is it?

A21: It is 3:30PM. It is incorrect in one location on the RFP PDF. Sorry for the error!