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Questions & Answers for RFP #T20240207 Sale of Surplus Technology Devices
Q1. "Do any of the units have laser engravings and/or non-removable asset tags?"
A1. None of our main Apple devices regarding this RFP have laser engravings or non-removable asset tags.
Q2. When does AppleCare+ expire on the devices outlined in the RFP?
A2. For a majority of iPads and MacBooks AppleCare+ will expire July 14th, 2024. There are some devices that were purchased after our initial lease that will have a slightly longer AC+.  Apple TVs are not covered by AC+. With that being said, we can not promise or provide exact coverage dates of every single unit. Here are a few serial #s included in the RFP if you would like to check AppleCare+ information: MacBook: FVFFDC03Q6L8, iPad: DMPFLWQRQ1GC
Q3. "How long will the inspection take? Just trying to book the return flight accordingly."
A3. Most of the inspections I have witnessed in the past took around 1 hour. Some inspectors will look at the units at our Tech Center and then want to see a MacBook school (High School) and one iPad school (Middle or Elementary) to get an idea of condition while they are still in students' hands. We have also had vendors that only looked at our storage/stock at the Tech Center (since it will look very much the same) and didn't venture out to schools which would have a much shorter inspection time. Either viewing method will be available. We do have a combination of what they will look like from a repair and loaner pool standpoint at our Tech Center.
Q4 & Answer (multipart from single inquiry)
4.1. Will these devices have any engravings, broken/missing parts, or be completely broken?
They have no engravings from Apple. Some could have missing keys and have broken screens in low numbers due to units that may not get repaired before pickup.
4.2. Will these devices have any asset tags, metallic tags, tamperproof tags, or stickers of any kind on them?
Yes, metallic tamperproof asset tags (on unit itself) and Brother P-Touch labels. P-Touch labels (could be multiple) are on Brenthaven cases as well. The Apple Professional Service applied asset tag labels when peeled off leave a "void" and sticky residue, however, some buyback vendors have a method to remove without much effort. 
4.3. Will these devices have any iCloud or any locks on them (DEP)?
We always work with the vendor at transfer time to get these released from our ASM/DEP enrollment. We manage all of our devices: ASM (Apple School Manager), we are in the DEP program (Device Enrollment Program) and utilize Jamf Pro as our MDM (Mobile Device Management). We try to take care not to remove these to early due to possibility of being stolen. Our last buyback had us remove them only after they were safely transported to them and had them in hand with serial numbers scanned. We can work with the awarded vendor to the method they wish to utilize.
4.4. Were these devices in cases during their time at the school?
Yes, all units were cased by Apple Professional Services before being delivered to us, however, there are exceptions for some utilized in the STEM labs where the cases were required to be removed to utilize specialized devices that attached to the iPads. These normally are not assigned to students and stay in the STEM labs. Any that have been repaired or cleaned would have had them removed and installed back on before being put back in the hands of students/staff. 
4.5. Will a deposit need to be submitted with the bid?
4.6. Will a Certificate of Insurance and/or R2 Certificate need to be submitted with the bid?
Yes, see RFP Page 5: "Vendor must provide a letter of good standing from Vendor’s primary financial institution, as well as evidence of appropriate insurance coverage."
Q5. Do you anticipate the bulk of the 11k devices being included in the first pickup after June 1st? if not, what is your estimated cadence or number of devices per batch?
A5. Per past experience we "rough" estimate 80% upon the first pick up from 20 locations with a second pickup of remaining devices that took longer to recover consolidated at our Tech Center.